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1. Hamnordning för Sundsvalls Kommun
2. Allmänna regler och villkor
3. Föreskrifter
4. Bogserbåtsbestämelser
5. Scandinavian Tugowners Standardvillkor
6. Sveriges Hamnars Terminalbestämmelser 1989

2. General rules and conditions

1 To announce the ship in good time and communicate the continuous position data. 

2 In time for the loading and unloading the vessel description and stowage plan to Sundsvalls Port. (SHAB)

3 The vessel will carry out preparatory work such as packing hatches, cargo and rigging for loading / unloading and set proper gangway.

4 With ton it should be understood to mean metric tons (1 000 kg)

5 When the straps and special handling equipment is provided at the request of the company a fee will be charged.

6 Work and services shall be certified daily by the client.

7 The party that orders work is also liable unless written confirmation is received from another party.

8 Sundsvalls Port AB reserves the right to REQUIRE payment for ordered services.

9 Invoices shall, when an authority has signed all attachments, be payable on time.

10 The Company is exempt from any liability and / or compensation obligations for damage or expense arising from strikes, blockades or other obstructions, which is beyond its control.

11 Loading on board led by the ship's officers and SHAB cannot require any compensation for broken space.

12 Prices are valid from January 1 and exclude VAT, with variation when applicable.

13 For personal injury, cargo, ships, barges etc SHAB is only responsible if the notification of the injury immediately is made to the company and that the injury was caused by negligence, by the incompleteness of the tools or mechanical devices owned by the company. Compensation for Extended SITTING in connection with such damage results in no compensation.

14 If an accident has occurred and SHAB gives no compensation, the loading and unloading ships should still assist SHAB with using first-aid or other preventive means.

15 SHAB reserves the right, beyond what is provided in the following price lists, to charge the actual cost of staff employed by other ports to facilitate cargo in Tunadal’s Port.

16 The Company reserves the right to overtime in order to complete the loading or unloading if the scale of the work does not exceed three hours. Such work will be charged to the client.

17 As to liability issues, the Swedish ports Terminal Rules of 1989 are applicable.

18 Handling and storage of round timber, pulpwood and logs, as well as supply charges for these kinds of goods, are charged per cubic meter (m3f) according to the quantity of data in the B / L.

19 Recycling in Sundsvalls Port AB. See Annex.