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1. Hamnordning för Sundsvalls Kommun
2. Allmänna regler och villkor
3. Föreskrifter
4. Bogserbåtsbestämelser
5. Scandinavian Tugowners Standardvillkor
6. Sveriges Hamnars Terminalbestämmelser 1989

3. Regulations

1 The operating rules for the port regulations for Sundsvall Municipality and Sundsvalls Port AB are applicable overall.

2 Users, who intend to store the goods, must notify SHAB. If notification is not made, or if the goods have been structured in a different way or placed other than as hereinafter provided, SHAB has the right to have them moved or removed at the clients cost.

3 The highest maximum load according to the port on the floor in the warehouse or on the open warehouse space may not be exceeded.

4 Goods, which of such nature that may damage the floor in a warehouse, may not be stored there, until the appropriate support or padding has been put in place by the client.

Transport vehicles that can harm the warehouse floor may not be stored in the warehouse.

5 Goods should be placed in such a way and with such care, that it they will not obstruct a pole, wall or door.

6 For the storage in the warehouse the following goods are not acceptable
- Explosives, inflammable products, corrosive or strong smelling goods
- Receptacles containing liquid products, which are not sealed
- Goods which may cause endanger, inconvenience or injury to the magazine or articles contained therein.
- SHAB reserves the right to, even in general, consider the appropriateness of the storage of goods in warehouses.

7 Open fire or welding shall not occur on the port area without special permission.

8 The one who is handling the goods in warehouses or in open warehouse space that produces pollution is obliged to, for each day after completion of work, arrange for the necessary cleaning including the trace facility.

9 Except for what is stated, the client should comply with the instructions in each case which are issued by the authority, or by the appropriate port official.

10 SHAB is not responsible for injury and loss of stored goods by fire or other causes. State Railways are also discharged from any liability for damage of goods caused by regular train operations.

11 For dangerous goods (flammable and explosives) except for what is stated in general practices and in the port's existing regulations, there are specific safety precautions.

12 For the delivery of waste from ships refer to specific provisions.